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Umbrella XFORCE CNC HopUp Unit

€34,90 Regular price €49,90

Universally compatible HopUp Unit to increase your range, accuarcy and shot to shot consistency with superior airseal and even pressure distribution.


  • 100% Made in Austria
  • Flat Arm for even force distribution
  • Fine Adjustment Wheel
  • Billet CNC with Blue Hard Annodization
  • Tight Tollerances ensure consistency
  • Best Airseal with XR-Barrel and 21.3mm Nozzle
  • Compatible with Flat Hop Buckings and R-Hop Modifications


  • 2x HopUp Arms with Metal Pin
  • Adjustment Wheel with Retainer and O-Rings
  • C-Clip

Weight 18g



Compatibility with V2 Airsoft Rifles with Rotary HopUps including but not limited to:


While the dimensions of the Unit are geared towards the industry standard for best compabitibility the design flys right under the radar.