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In case you ordered from a local dealer, please contact them first for help with your order.

Comprehensive Warranty and scheduled Maintenance.

 Austrian based headquarter with a growing network of local service centers.

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All our rifle require mandatory maintenance to upkeep their peak performance, including regular cleaning after playing or scheduled maintenance of your internals including re-greasing and replacements of worn components. Maintenance should performed at a service center within the first 12 months of taking delivery or sooner depending on frequency of play. Negligence may result in damages to your rifle which are not covered by our warranty policy.

Warranty Service
Guarantee covers any defects presumed to have existed at the time of delivery and which become apparent within a period of two years. Exclusions apply.

Paid Maintenance

Service is required once per year or depending on play, in order to replace components which are subject to wear and tear.

Extended Coverage

Free replacment of all components inside the gearbox is granted to those customers who perform regular scheduled maintenance.

We would like to point out that if, contrary to this recommendation, you do not have your products serviced once a year, not only can worn parts suddenly fail or break, but damage to your product can also occur. Insofar as such damage is based on the fact that you have not complied with our recommendation to have your product serviced once a year, this does not constitute a manufacturer defect for which we are responsible. In other words, we do not owe a product that will not fail or break without annual maintenance.



Recommended at least once per year or after dispensing more than 30.000 shots.


Including cleaning of the Gearbox and Barrel, greasing of the internals, replacements of seals (if required) and free replacement of worn parts.


Should your rifle experience critical failure after a scheduled maintance but within the service period Umbrella will fix your rifle for free.

A scheduled maintance service is offered to all customers who own an Umbrella Armory .EU airsoft rifle. If we discover any components which are excluded from our warranty to require replacement during your scheduled maintenance, they will be replaced free of surcharge.



This is a list of items which will experience high levels of wear and tear. Please note that these items are very small and low cost. We are therefor offering a product refurbishing service for all our products at the minimal cost possible.

  • Various O-Rings
  • Various Small Springs (ARL, Tappet, etc.)
  • Piston
  • Bevel Gear
  • Pinion Gear
  • Bearings
  • Spring
  • Tappet Plate
  • Anti Reversal Latch
  • Hopup Bucking

Cost of Maintenance

In the event of a failure of any of the above mentioned items all related costs for service will be due upon completion of the service. Please contact customer support for an immediate service appointment.

Base Fee
75€ to 150€

Includes shipping to the customer after maintenance. Customer may ship or otherwise deliver items to the maintenance office or request a pickup from our customer support team. Customers must ship product to the Austria Office unless otherwise authorized.


Shipping costs are only covered by Umbrella Armory in case of a manufacturer defect. Should your product fail during the warranty period but outside of the mandatory maintance service period no shipping costs are covered by us. Please ensure to follow our maintance guidelines in order to have full coverage.


You may be instructed to send your products to one of our local service centers where certified technicians use genuine Umbrella parts to perform scheduled maintenance or warranty repairs under our supervision. This is an effort made by us to reduce wait times and delivery times in order to receive service outside of Austria.


First Level of Support
In case you purchased your Umbrella Armory product from a local dealer you must first contact them in the case of a warranty claim. Your local dealer will be able to verify your order number and order date and determine your eligibility for warranty service in accordance to local laws. In many cases your local dealer may be able to resolve the situation for you.

Second Level of Support
In case you local dealer is unable to resolve the situation, they will contact their distributor who is certified by Umbrela Armory to perform warranty repairs and parts replacements.

Third Level of Support
Should your local dealer or our distributor required genuine parts for replacements or in case your product requires a replacement for a new one, Umbrella Armory will be contacted.
Please note that It is not possible to have your Umbrella Armory products returned directly to us in case you purchased them from a thrid party, as we are unable to verify the date of purchase or the validity of provided purchase documents.

Should you experience any trouble getting service from your local dealer please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the situation for you.