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In order to make it easy for you to request maintenance for your rifle or reach out for any repairs needed on your rifle, please fill out our inquiry form.

Maintenance & Care

Full service technician services.


We want you to be able to rock our products on the field every weekend and dedicate ourselves to achieving this goal.


Your rifle requires a maintenance check-up within the first 24 months of taking delivery, suggested to take place no later than 12 moths after receiving the rifle. During this period we offer that you send us your gun and we will do a complete check-through of your rifle. Any maintence work required will be offered at a reduced cost for all customers who stay within the maintenance period. Shipping costs are not covered.


The most important factor for a long lasting experiences with our high end products is proper care and maintenance, as well as proper consultation before making a purchase. Our client support team is available for you to create custom guns and special projects going beyond our current offering.

Special Operations

Custom guns and special orders.


Our rifles are built using the most durable and long lasting components we know of and we are always looking for new ways to extend the lifetime of our products. Naturally there are items which require service and especially in a rifle performing at its peak there will be wear.

The warranty lasts for 2 years from the time of receipt of the delivered goods. Excluded from the warranty are components which are subject to wear and tear.


This is a list of items which will experience high levels of wear and tear. Please note that these items are very small and low cost. We are therefor offering a product refurbishing service for all our products at the minimal cost possible.

  • Various O-Rings
  • Various Small Springs (ARL, Tappet, etc.)
  • Cylinder Head
  • Air-Nozzle
  • Piston and Pistonhead
  • Spring
  • Tappet Plate
  • Anti Reversal Latch
  • Hopup Bucking

Cost of Maintenance

In the event of a failure of any of the above mentioned items all related costs for service will be due upon completion of the service. Please contact customer support for an immediate service appointment.

Base Fee
75€ to 150€

Includes shipping to the customer after maintenance. Customer may ship or otherwise deliver items to the maintenance office or request a pickup from our customer support team. Customers must ship product to the Austria Office unless otherwise authorized.