Umbrella G2 G&G SR30 Carbine – Umbrella Armory .EU
by G&G

Umbrella G2 G&G SR30 Carbine

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Gearbox Shell: G2 Reinforced Gearbox
Gear Set: 13:1 Rocket SSG (Short Stroked), 13:1 Rocket Spur Gear (Lathed to fit), G&G Bevel Gear
Motor: G&G Ifirit 25,000 RPM Motor (Long Type)
MOSFET: G2 Trigger ETU 2.0 with Perun G&G ETU upgrade unit Controller
Bearing Set: Full set Umbrella Armory 8mm Steel Ball Caged Bearings
Spring: ASG (M125)
Piston Head: Lonex POM Piston Head (Washer Mod)
Piston Body: Rocket Short Stroked, 15 Steel tooth heat treated Piston
Trigger: G&G Red modified trigger
Tappet Plate: Modified Tappet Plate TO 8.96mm
Tappet Spring: G&G Tappet Spring
Cylinder: G&G 3/5th Ported Cylinder
Cylinder Head: Modify Reinforced Double O-Ring Cylinder Head
Air Nozzle: VFC POM Air Nozzle with Internal O-ring
Hop Up Chamber: Umbrella Armory 3D printed R-Hop arm, G&G Rotary Hop up unit
Bucking: Flat Hopped G&G "Green" Bucking
Inner Barrel: Umbrella R-Hop Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel (247mm)


Matrix 11.1 V / 1450mAh /20C Deans (Stick Type) Battery
PTS EPM Mid cap Magazine (Black)
G&G 90 round (G2 cutoff) Mid cap Magazine
Umbrella Armory Large PVC Patch
Umbrella Armory Small PVC Square Crest Patch
Umbrella Armory Medium PVC Square Crest Patch