PCU Shotgun Alu Upgrade kit – Umbrella Armory .EU
by PCU

PCU Shotgun Alu Upgrade kit

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Complete upgrade kit for the PCU Shotgun Tracer of prior Generations. Includes all necessary parts for a complete upgrade. Different end caps are available for different types of Shotungs.

A Full Aluminium front cap for the PCU Shotgun Tracer. Magnetic closure including one arresting screw to additional security. Very simple and fast to remove.

Package include:
1x PCU Adapter of selected option
1x PCU Shotgun Tracer unit Shell ALU
1x PCU Shotgun Front Cap ALU

Does not include:
PCU Shotgun Tracer unit Engine Gen.5

Shell type
AA12, KSG/SGR12, M870 Front Sight, M870 Laylax Top Rail, M870 Standard