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Umbrella Drop-In Upgrade Gearbox

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Buid List
3/4 Stainless Steel Cylinder
Anti-Reversal Latch ARL
G&G ARL Springs
G&G Tappe Plate Spring
Gate TITAN Airsoft Advanced drop-in AEG MOSFET Complete Set with USB-Link (Model: Rear Wired / Without Programming Card)
Maxxpro CNC Aluminium Advanced Speed Trigger (Style B) (Red)
Retro Arms V2 QSC Gearbox
Selector Plate Spring
SHS M4/M16 Selector Plate
SHS V2 Bearing Spring Guide
Siegetek 20:1 Gearset
Umbrella Higher Output Spring
Umbrella 8mm Bearing
Umbrella Piston AOE Corrected with Piston Head
V2 Tappet Plate
X-Force M4/M16 21.3mm O-Ring Air Nozzle
X-Force V2 Cylinder Head

CQBR Package
Siegtek DSG