Obsidian Hooded Jacket – Umbrella Armory .EU
Type: Softshell

Obsidian Hooded Jacket

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The obsidian jacket is the softshell layer of the Outdoor Research Integrated Apparel System which provides wind and water resistance while promoting athleticism and mobility, which can best be used with a plate carrier and other combat gear. With superior stretch and durable abrasion-resistant Multicam materials, this system is made to be used with a Helmet without obstructing your peripheral vision. The forearms are specially protected with the OR Superfabric, which allows for the jacket to be used in a prone position with your arms on the ground, avoiding excessive abrasion and keeping your jacket intact. This layer is not insulating and should be combined with an insulating layer to provide warmth. Designed to have low friction this layer can be used with additional layers.