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hopup not turned off bucking indentation

Why you should always turn off your HopUp

Why you should always turn off your HopUp

Most players leave their HopUp dialed in, because they want to come back to the field and have the same settings as the last time when they played. What most players do not realise is that their gun will most likely wont shoot the same as the last time they played, because of many environmental factors which contribute a role to why your Airsoft gun is inaccurate.

In this short article we will only focus on the affects of leaving your HopUp turned on by looking at what happens inside your gun when you are storing it for a long time. As you know different materials inside your gun can expand and contract at different rates when being cooled down or warmed up.  Not only that, but other properties of rubbers, seals and gaskets can be affected by temperature.

As suggested from the image of this article you can permanently damage parts of your gun when storing it at lower than room temperatures. We therefor encourage all of you to turn off your hopup unit when you are done playing for the day and to store your rifle inside your home where a more or less constant room temperature is given.  

We hope this article helps you to enjoy your equipment for longer and have better accuracy on the field.