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All Krytacs are custom built to your specifications by our team in Austria and you will receive your order in about 6 - 8 weeks.

Customize Built

Change all aspects of your rifle to make it yours.

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Gearbox: Modified Krytac 8mm Nautilus V2 Gearbox Shell

Gear Set: 18:1 Short Stroked Rocket Steel DSG, Spur Gear; ZCI Bevel

Motor: ASG BOOST 30,000 RPM, 16 TPA Motor

MOSFET: GATE Titan V2 Advanced

Bearing Set: Umbrella Armory 8mm Steel Ball Caged Bearings

Spring: Guarder Steel Tempered Spring SP160

Piston Head: Lonex POM Piston Head (Washer Mod)

Piston Body: Rocket Short Stroked, 15 Steel tooth heat treated, Piston

Trigger: Retro Arms CNC Red "J-Type" modified trigger

Tappet Plate: Guarder V2 DSG Modified Tappet Plate

Tappet Spring: G&G Tappet Spring

Cylinder: Polished Krytac Brass Ported Cylinder

Cylinder Head: Modify V2 S303 Stainless Steel Cylinder Head

Air Nozzle: VFC POM Air Nozzle with Internal O-ring

Hop Up Chamber: M-Nubbed ProWin / Dytac CNC Hopup Chamber

Bucking: Flat Hopped Madbull Blue Bucking

Inner Barrel: R-Hopped Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel (155mm)

Charging Handle: Matrix Ambidextrous


(2) PTS EPM Magazines (Black)

(2) 11.1v 1100 Mah Brick Batteries

Umbrella Armory Large Patch

Umbrella Armory Small Patch