by G&G
Type: Assembly

Umbrella G&G Gearbox Drop-In Kit


Build List
3/4 Stainless Steel Cylinder
G&G ARL Springs
G&G Tappe Plate Spring
Gate TITAN Airsoft Advanced drop-in AEG MOSFET Complete Set with USB-Link (Model: Rear Wired / Without Programming Card)
Krytac ARL
Krytac Nautilus Gearbox Shell
Krytac Sector Gear
Krytac Spring Guide
Krytac Spur Gear
Krytac V2 Selector Plate
Maxxpro CNC Aluminium Advanced Speed Trigger (Style B) (Red)
SHS 12:1 / 13:1 / 16:1 / 18:1 Bevel Gear (10T)
Spring 150
Umbrella 8mm Bearing
Umbrella Piston AOE Corrected with Piston Head
V2 Tappet Plate
X-Force M4/M16 21.3mm O-Ring Air Nozzle
X-Force V2 Cylinder Head

CQBR Package
Includes SHS DSG