CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME - PRO with LED


One of the best hopup units available for airsoft rifles with a rotary style hopup unit. Thanks to its durable metal construction and reliable tolerances this unit provides consistent hop and shot to shot consistency. With the included LED kit you are able to use your HopUp Unit as a tracer unit at the same time, freeing up space for different types of muzzle devices.

Overall Length: 51mm Overall Height: 37.75mm Hub Outer Diameter (to fit into Gear Box): min 11mm - max 11.5mm Hub Outer Diameter (to fit into Outer Barrel): min 12mm Hub Inner Diameter (to fit Nozzle): max 8.3mm Feeder Outer Diameter (to fit magazine): min 9.25mm Feeder Length (to fit magazine): max 6.25mm Material: Aluminum 6061 Weight: 23 g Shipping weight: 49 g